24x28 cm
96 pages
June 2022

Daniel Reuter
Text by
Alejandro Zambra

20,7x28 cm
112 Pages
October 2020

“We turned off the highway and crossed the Mapocho River, and I finally saw the city, now completely covered in graffiti, like an open book, polyphonic, aggressive, miraculously legible. Like a book where everyone had underlined a different passage.”

24x28 cm
80 pages
February 2020

[from the interview by David Campany]
Immediately after Zuma I made some rather straightforward photographs of the abandoned MGM Studios New York City back lot, in Culver City, Los Angeles.
These were in black and white.  I then decided to try something entirely different and around 1980 I started a body of work about things you can’t photograph: Gravity, Magnetism, which way water drains, and the things I see when I press my eyes with the palms of my hands. 
All of these images required the construction of some kind of visual metaphor. 

Piero Percoco
The Rainbow is Underestimated
Cover Design
Slipcase hotfoil printed
February 2019

13x13 cm
420 pages
February 2019